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“That looks easy to fix”, you might say, when you see a problem with your electrical wiring.

Many people enjoy doing their own work on their homes. If they have the skills and tools, the DIY project can be very rewarding. It’s a great way to save money and feels good to have done it yourself. Some may think electrical work can be done just as easy as other home improvement projects. However, you should think twice when working on items electrical related. The hazards can be lethal and catastrophic.

Some risks include:

Fire: Every year hundreds of electrical fires are caused by improper connections and unstable wiring systems. Licensed electricians are well versed with a code book they follow published and updated every three years by the National Fire Protection Agency.

Bodily Injury or Fatalities: The truth. Not a scare tactic! Electricity is not only dangerous to work with, it can also cause serious injury or safety hazards to persons or property if a job isn’t performed correctly. Experienced electricians spend thousands of hours learning and implementing the safety aspects when dealing with electricity.

Property Damage: Frying or melting the wires of the appliance or equipment, or worse–the wiring inside the walls. In some states, insurance companies will not pay for any damages if electrical work is not done by a professional, licensed and insured electrician. Who wants that hassle and grief?

Many people desire to save money and have the satisfaction of “doing it yourself”, but doing DYI electrical can cost you more in the long run. Even what may look simple can be done incorrectly if you don’t know exactly what you are doing. What looks to be an easy do it yourself project can turn into a nightmare due to inexperience.

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